Columbus, Ohio, USA

The Bird Vet

Parrots are the third most popular kind of pet in the United States, yet public knowledge of their needs and special health concerns is often limited. Avian medicine itself is a relatively new veterinary specialty, and few resources were available when Ohio veterinarian Dr. Ram Mohan began to treat companion birds in the late 1970s. Though the industry has become more established since then, as a veterinarian who exclusively treats birds, Dr. Mohan continues to fill a special niche in the parrot- and bird-owner community. Until 2015, he owned and operated the Avian Health Clinic in Reynoldsburg, Ohio, where clients drove for hours, sometimes from neighboring states, to bring their feathered companions for the kind of specialized medical treatment that isn’t always available at mainstream veterinary clinics. The clinic offered a combination of unique procedures, wild patients, and eccentric personalities. Dr. Mohan has since merged his practice with MedVet in Hilliard, Ohio, where he continues to offer avian-specific care.

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