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Columbus, Ohio, USA

Amren Youssouf gazes out the car window on her way home after assisting a Columbus Somali community with early voting on October 29, 2016. Prior to the 2016 Presidential Election, Muslims nationwide organized get-out-the-vote efforts in their communities - a response to the anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant rhetoric stoked by the Donald Trump campaign. In Columbus, Ohio, members of the #MyMuslimVote teamed up to take fellow Muslims to the polls.
Truck driver Ben Blackburn participates in a Bible study session at the Transport For Christ (TFC) mobile chapel in Lodi, Ohio, in October 2013. With a mission of bringing the trucking community to Jesus Christ, TFC has set up mobile chapels at truck stops across America. In addition to providing worship services, the chapels also serve as an important source of support and fellowship for drivers. When Ben was homeless, TFC chaplains helped him get enrolled in trucking school.
Wiccan veterans at Pagan Pride Day. Louisville, Kentucky. 2015.
Procession for Our Lady of Guadalupe. Columbus, Ohio. 2016.
Eid festival at the Noor Islamic Cultural Center. Dublin, Ohio. 2015.
Dia De Los Muertos festival, Columbus, Ohio, 2017.
Blessing of the animals. Powell, Ohio. 2015.
Ethiopian Orthodox Meskel celebration, Columbus, Ohio, 2017.
Asatru Yule ceremony at California State Prison, Lancaster, California, 2014.
A young boy rings a bell during a Diwali celebration at the Bharatiya Hindu Temple in Powell, Ohio, in December 2015.
Hebrew Israelites at Black Lives Matter protest. Columbus, Ohio. 2016.
Three Cranes Grove ADF ceremony at ComFest. Columbus, Ohio. 2016.
Gospel clown performance at the Sunbury Church of the Nazarene. Sunbury, Ohio. 2017.
Labyrinth at the Universal Life Expo. Columbus, Ohio. 2015.
Singing bowl circle, Columbus, Ohio, 2017.
Protester at the Republican National Convention, Cleveland, Ohio, 2016.
Unitarian Universalist "angels" at Westboro Baptist Church protest. Columbus, Ohio. 2016.
Easter at St. Stevan-Dechani Serbian Orthodox Church. Columbus, Ohio. 2016.
Witches' Ball. Columbus, Ohio. 2016.
Easter at St. Stevan-Dechani Serbian Orthodox Church. Columbus, Ohio. 2016.
Somali wedding, Columbus, Ohio, 2017.
Shawn Reilly, a Native American veteran, poses for a portrait outside of the Monroe Independence Day Pow Wow in Sardis, Ohio, in July 2015.

Diversity Is Our Strength

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