Asatru Alliance Althing

This post is long overdue, but I wanted to share some select images from my weekend photographing the Asatru Alliance’s annual Althing gathering near Payson, Arizona, in September. In America, Asatru, meaning “belief in the gods,” is a form of Germanic neopaganism that observes the beliefs and customs of ancient… Continue reading.

Asatru Portraits

I visited some American Asatru friends near Columbus this past weekend. The the temperatures were frigid, but the barren winter landscape made for a unique portrait backdrop! Mike with his handmade shield: Sean with his Arctic fox pelt:

Nurturing Tradition

College is a place where many begin to branch out and find their own way — sometimes leaving tradition behind. But at Faith Builders, a post-secondary Anabaptist school in Guys Mills, Pennsylvania, tradition is nurtured. Each year, young Mennonites from around the world attend Faith Builders to continue their education… Continue reading.