Documentary photographer specializing in coverage of faith and religion.
Based in Columbus, OH



This past week, for the Religious Soundmap Project, a friend and I attended a Diwali celebration at the Bharatiya Hindu Temple in Powell, Ohio. We’ve both been to India (I went for about two months in 2006/2007), and were amazed at how the festival of lights in America provided just… Continue reading  


Mead, Animal Blessings, and Durga Puja

Recently, for the OSU Religious Soundmap Project, I’ve been documenting spiritual/religious occasions at several different Columbus sites. The first, surprisingly, is my friend Mark’s kitchen. As an American practitioner of Asatru – a Germanic neo-pagan faith rooted in ancient European beliefs and customs – Mark occasionally brews mead, which is… Continue reading  


A Surprisingly Peaceful Protest

The other week, the director of the Religious Soundmap Project alerted me about the “Global Rally for Humanity,” a series of anti-Islam protests scheduled to take place outside of mosques nationwide. After discussion with fellow researchers, I decided to document the protest planned for Oct. 10 outside of the Noor… Continue reading  


A Look at Faith-Based Education

Earlier this summer, I had the privilege of returning to Faith Builders, a small Anabaptist college near Meadville, Pennsylvania. I’d visited once before in March, when several VisCom students and I participated in “The Story Next Door,” a multimedia workshop focused on documenting the Meadville community. When I visited Faith… Continue reading