Asatru Alliance Althing

This post is long overdue, but I wanted to share some select images from my weekend photographing the Asatru Alliance’s annual Althing gathering near Payson, Arizona, in September. In America, Asatru, meaning “belief in the gods,” is a form of Germanic neopaganism that observes the beliefs and customs of ancient… Continue reading.

Born-Again Bikers Audio Storyvideo post

With their tattoos, leather jackets, and sometimes dark pasts, some bikers say they feel judged and unwelcome at traditional churches. However, in southeast Ohio, dedicated biker ministries and churches are helping motorcyclists use Christianity to turn their lives around. At least 100 people gather regularly for worship services at the… Continue reading.

Asatru Portraits

I visited some American Asatru friends near Columbus this past weekend. The the temperatures were frigid, but the barren winter landscape made for a unique portrait backdrop! Mike with his handmade shield: Sean with his Arctic fox pelt: