Specializing in Faith & Religion
Columbus, Ohio, USA

Truck driver Ben Blackburn at Bible study at a Transport For Christ mobile chapel, Lodi, Ohio, 2013.
Eid festival at the Noor Islamic Cultural Center, Dublin, Ohio, 2015.
Procession for Our Lady of Guadalupe Columbus, Ohio, 2016.
A young boy rings a bell during a Diwali celebration at the Bharatiya Hindu Temple, Powell, Ohio, December 2015.
A prisoner at the Ohio Reformatory for Women participates in the Cone of Power, a practice of raising and directing energy through chants and song, during a pagan prison ministry session, Marysville, Ohio, 2018.
Gospel clown performance at the Sunbury Church of the Nazarene, Sunbury, Ohio, 2017.
Pastor Lawrence Bishop II leads a cowboy church service, Monroe, Ohio, 2017.
Ethiopian Orthodox Meskel celebration, Columbus, Ohio, 2017.
Rev. Gwyn Stetler leading a blessing of the animals, Powell, Ohio, 2015.
Angie Tapia during a Dia De Los Muertos celebration at Greenlawn Cemetery, Columbus, Ohio, 2017.
Labyrinth at the Universal Life Expo, Columbus, Ohio, 2015.
Cone of Power at Winding Road Coven Yule celebration, Westerville, Ohio, 2018.
Wiccan veterans at Pagan Pride Day, Louisville, Kentucky, 2015.
Eugene Tyrsson SilverWolf Kyle at Heathmoot, Laurel, Ohio, 2017.
Three Cranes Grove ADF ceremony at ComFest, Columbus, Ohio, 2016.
Amren Youssouf during a Muslim get-out-the-vote effort during the 2016 Presidential Election, Columbus, Ohio, 2016.
Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church service, Columbus, Ohio, 2017.
Br. Armand working in the offices of St. Gregory's Abbey, Three Rivers, Michigan, 2018.
Peacekeeping "angels" at a Westboro Baptist Church protest, Columbus, Ohio, 2016.
Protester at the Republican National Convention, Cleveland, Ohio, 2016.
Annual Krampus walk, Columbus, Ohio, 2016.
Easter at St. Stevan-Dechani Serbian Orthodox Church, Columbus, Ohio, 2016.
Friends on a spring day at Cedar Point, Sandusky, Ohio, 2017.
Somali wedding, Columbus, Ohio, 2017.
Mennonite wedding reception, North Bloomfield, Ohio, 2014.
Shawn Reilly, a Native American veteran, at the Monroe Independence Day Pow Wow, Sardis, Ohio, 2015.

Religion in the Midwest (In Progress)

The Midwest is often portrayed as a homogenous flyover region, when in reality, it is anything but. In Ohio and surrounding states, people of diverse backgrounds meet and mingle, and sometimes entangle and clash. Since moving to Ohio in 2012, I have explored the multitude of religious traditions and spiritual practices thriving in the region, as well as the ways that they intersect – both with American culture and with each other.