Asatru Alliance Althing

This post is long overdue, but I wanted to share some select images from my weekend photographing the Asatru Alliance’s annual Althing gathering near Payson, Arizona, in September. In America, Asatru, meaning “belief in the gods,” is a form of Germanic neopaganism that observes the beliefs and customs of ancient… Continue reading.


Asatru Portraits

I visited some American Asatru friends near Columbus this past weekend. The the temperatures were frigid, but the barren winter landscape made for a unique portrait backdrop! Mike with his handmade shield: Sean with his Arctic fox pelt:


A Look at Faith-Based Education

Earlier this summer, I had the privilege of returning to Faith Builders, a small Anabaptist college near Meadville, Pennsylvania. I’d visited once before in March, when several VisCom students and I participated in “The Story Next Door,” a multimedia workshop focused on documenting the Meadville community. When I visited Faith… Continue reading.


The Story Next Door

Last week was Spring Break, and I spent part of mine helping out with a photojournalism workshop and conference at Allegheny College in Meadville, Pa., along with several other VisCom students. The workshop/conference, called “The Story Next Door,” involved going out into the community for an entire day and documenting… Continue reading.


Something Like Nostalgia

During my recent trip home to Southern California, I revisited some of the places I used to love going to as a child, including Lake Arrowhead in the San Bernardino Mountains, and Calico Ghost Town, an old silver mining area-turned tourist trap just outside of Barstow. While these places had… Continue reading.


The Wonders of the Salton Sea

Every time I come back to California, I try to make a trip out to the Salton Sea, an accidental desert lake that has become increasingly toxic as a result of agricultural runoff. This winter marked my third trip to the area. The Sea is a place full of natural… Continue reading.


New Spirit Magazine: Christian Outreach in Ohio

This past semester at OU, I took “Magazine,” the capstone course in the graduate photojournalism curriculum. In this course, all of my classmates and I got to create our own magazines – from start to finish. The intensive process included several weeks of research/pre-production and a 10-day shoot period, followed… Continue reading.


Yule with the Asatru

I recently spent several days in Arizona at the Asatru Alliance’s annual Yule Festival. It was my third time attending and photographing “Yule Fest,” a weekend of camping and spiritual festivities next to Lake Roosevelt in the Tonto National Forest. About 20 heathens – Americans who believe in the Old… Continue reading.

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