A Look at Faith-Based Education

Earlier this summer, I had the privilege of returning to Faith Builders, a small Anabaptist college near Meadville, Pennsylvania. I’d visited once before in March, when several VisCom students and I participated in “The Story Next Door,” a multimedia workshop focused on documenting the Meadville community. When I visited Faith… Continue reading.


The Story Next Door

Last week was Spring Break, and I spent part of mine helping out with a photojournalism workshop and conference at Allegheny College in Meadville, Pa., along with several other VisCom students. The workshop/conference, called “The Story Next Door,” involved going out into the community for an entire day and documenting… Continue reading.


Something Like Nostalgia

During my recent trip home to Southern California, I revisited some of the places I used to love going to as a child, including Lake Arrowhead in the San Bernardino Mountains, and Calico Ghost Town, an old silver mining area-turned tourist trap just outside of Barstow. While these places had… Continue reading.


The Wonders of the Salton Sea

Every time I come back to California, I try to make a trip out to the Salton Sea, an accidental desert lake that has become increasingly toxic as a result of agricultural runoff. This winter marked my third trip to the area. The Sea is a place full of natural… Continue reading.


New Spirit Magazine: Christian Outreach in Ohio

This past semester at OU, I took “Magazine,” the capstone course in the graduate photojournalism curriculum. In this course, all of my classmates and I got to create our own magazines – from start to finish. The intensive process included several weeks of research/pre-production and a 10-day shoot period, followed… Continue reading.


Yule with the Asatru

I recently spent several days in Arizona at the Asatru Alliance’s annual Yule Festival. It was my third time attending and photographing “Yule Fest,” a weekend of camping and spiritual festivities next to Lake Roosevelt in the Tonto National Forest. About 20 heathens – Americans who believe in the Old… Continue reading.


Portraits of Exotic Animal Owners

My work in different cultural and religious communities over the years has introduced me to many interesting, wonderful people. I recently realized, however, that I seldom take their portraits. While I haven’t consciously avoided portrait photography, I do think there is something about it – about the direct, intimate connection… Continue reading.


Cheshire, By Boat

During my first year in Ohio, I stumbled across the town of Cheshire, located along the Ohio River. Actually, it would probably be more accurate to say I stumbled upon the Gavin and Kyger Creek Power Plants, which tower over Cheshire and the few homes that remain there after a… Continue reading.

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